23 July 2013

Touring the Top End

Our camping and touring the Top End of the Northern Territory is nearly finished. We have stayed in several national parks for two or three nights at a time so that we don't have to set up camp too frequently. Putting up the tent and then finally packing everything back in the car are the two time consuming tasks.

Setting up is a lot quicker if you don't need the fly on the tent

At Katherine Gorge and Edith Falls (both in Nitmiluk National Park) we spent time walking to spots on the river to have a swim. The weather is so warm that you don't need a towel when you get out of the water. In fact, it's best to stay wet for the walk back to camp to keep cool in the hot sun.

Sweet water Pool above Edith falls

In Kakadu National Park we did the same at a place called Gunlom where we could climb to the top of the waterfall and swim in numerous pools at the top as well as the pool at the bottom.

But in the north of Kakadu, you are not allowed to swim in the rivers at all - it's crocodile country. So we took a cruise in a flat bottom boat to view the crocs and spot other wildlife, mainly birds that you don't see in the south of Australia.

We also paid for a day tour in Arnhem land - this is Aboriginal country and you have to apply for a permit to go there and usually pay for a guide there to show you around. Iseriah was our guide and he showed us around a hill where there are secret rock art sites and even a burial site (we saw human remains which are kept secret so that people don't steal them).

Iseriah explains the body painting for dancing

Have you googled any of the new words that I used in the previous post? I hope you can tell me some information about places or animals I mentioned when I return!

Finally, what does this sign mean? Can you correct the English?

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