15 February 2014

Term 1 / Week 3 - 5: Plan and write a narrative - what are the narrative stages?

Over the next few weeks, we will read and listen to a range of narrative stories. We will plan and write our own stories following the narrative stages. Here they are.

lets the reader know that a story is about to be told and tells why it will be told
describes where and when the events took place, and if other people were there too
describes what happened
describes how the main character coped with the problem/ situation
describes how the situation was resolved (sorted out)
tells why the story was worth sharing with us

As you listen to the Emperor's New Clothes, think about which parts of the story fit in each stage.

The Emperor's New Clothes was first published in 1837 by Hans Christian Andersen for children. It was based on an earlier Spanish story from medieval times.

Consider the following questions about the story

  • Why don't the Emperor's advisers tell him the truth about his new suit of clothes?
  • Why do the people in the village pretend that they can see the Emperor's clothes?
  • Why does it take a child to point out what all the adults can see?
  • What lessons can children learn from this story?

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