19 March 2013

Let's manage our files

Last week we downloaded some photos from an email and saved them into our folders. Then we created a new sub-folder called My Pictures and moved the pictures into it by cutting them from our folder and pasting them into the new folder.

Some students asked for a handout describing all the steps. So here is a similar set of instructions - this time we are going to create a New sub-folder for last year's work and move all our work from 2012 into it. You can stop the slideshow any time to review any step. Watch the slideshow in Full screen View so you can see it properly.

Using the Right click on your mouse: here's a tip!

Use your Right click only when you want to see the full list of available tasks, eg. when looking for your copy, cut and paste commands. At any other time, continue using your Left click.

Worksheet: Type text, format and save your document

Here is the link to the worksheet and Skills checklist.

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