26 March 2013

Week 8 - Write a Discussion: Do as I do NOT Do as I say

Last week we looked at people's personal stories of learning to swim or not having the opportunity to learn to swim before arriving in Australia.

But should parents make every effort to learn to swim and learn water safety so that they can be role models for their children when visiting the pool or the beach?

Most primary and secondary schools in Australia have Learn to swim programs available for all their students. But is that enough? Or should we encourage our kids to learn by our example?

Some students talked about the benefits of being able to swim alongside our children: we can enjoy the water in hot weather together with our kids, and it's good to know how to save someone if they get into difficulty in the water.

Perhaps there are still some barriers for us in learning to swim. Indeed, it's a lot harder to learn as an adult: you mightn't have enough time or money to pay for your lessons. So what do you think?

Looking for more ideas? Have you viewed the videos in our Week 7 post?

Plan your Discussion: Should parents learn to swim and learn water safety so that they are role models for their kids? using this document.

Write your first draft, check your work and the teacher's comments and re-write your Discussion (after the holidays).

Independent learning over the holidays

Are you stuck for ideas?

Here is the link to our Independent Learning Record so you can check out what other students are writing about.

OR - view the video: Australia's First Afghani Lifesaver in the Blog post in Week 7 and write about him.

Grammar corner - extend yourself


Try some of these exercises over the holidays:

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