23 April 2013

News Headlines at VILC: listen, order and type the list

Here is a great activity to access VILC for online learning and type a Word list using bullet points.

A. Do the VILC Task

Open VILC using our Username (500vilcst) and our latest Password (this changes every year and it is secure - see the whiteboard in the Computer room and write in your notebook).

Listen to the latest News Headlines for Elementary level and drag the items into the correct order (without checking your answers). When you have finished, show your answers to the teacher and then check your answers.

Then click the Book icon to view the transcript of the Headlines.

B. Type the News Headlines text 

Open Word and start a new document called VILC Easy News Headlines for .....[date]....

Type the text for the Easynews Headlines. To see the text, switch between your Internet browser and your Word document using the Taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

C. Format your Word document

  1. Format the heading using Heading 1 Style.
  2. Make all the body text Verdana font, size 12.
  3. Change the body text to purple.
  4. Change all the text spacing to 1.15 Spacing.
  5. Select the dot points and format them using bullet points.
  6. Type your name and the date at the bottom of the text.
  7. Save your doc to your folder, with your name in the Title and Save As into the Teacher's Folder too.
  8. Find a photo for one of the stories using 'Google Search' and then 'Images', and insert the photo in the document under the text.
  9. Type 4 new words and find their meanings using the Cambridge online Learners' dictionary.

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