18 April 2013

Term 2 / week 1: Junk food - should it be banned at school?

Yum! Jelly doughnut

What do you think about this idea?

Here at Munch for Kids blog is one mother's view of an ideal world.

Which sentences are opinions, experience or facts?

Reading strategies

Here is our List of Reading Strategies from last year. How many of them did you use when reading the text?

What are the pros and cons of banning junk food at the school canteen?

Think about:
  • if you agree or disagree or if you can see both sides of the topic
  • how you will start writing about this topic?
  • a conclusion - a summary of your main points and a final sentence to persuade your reader that you are right
Remember to:
  • use the plan to write supporting arguments for each idea
  • write in sentences and stay on the topic
  • use words from the Persuasive writing Checklist to build your argument
  • start a new paragraph for each new idea

Writing process

Think => Plan => Draft => Correct => Rewrite

OR sometimes

Think => Discuss => Plan => Draft => Correct => Rewrite

    Revision: Did you watch the video about Australia's First Afghani Lifesaver?

    Here's a dictation on the topic of water safety. Press Pause after each sentence.

    Here is the text for the dictation - but don't look until you're absolutely sure you can't do any more!

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