25 June 2013

Term 2 / Week 11: A Mad Scheme! Paul Mees has the Last Word

Transport expert and educator, Paul Mees, sadly passed away less than a week after he made this video message to be played at the Trains not Toll Roads Campaign Launch on 13th June, 2013.

He was always a good speaker: easy to understand and direct - a straight talker. So have a listen - what are his reasons for describing the East West Tunnel as a Mad Scheme?

Some of the words he uses:

- the most expensive
- far more expensive than ....
- value for money
- benefit to cost ratio is.... for every $1 you get 50 cents back
- simply a waste of money
- alternatives: much higher returns on investment
- upgrading existing services so more people can choose rail to get to work
- Los Angeles chose an alternative path
- no money left for substantial projects for at least a generation
- transport policy has to move from roads to rail

Late breaking news: Julia Gillard's last speech as Prime Minister

On the second last sitting day of the Australian Parliament, the Labor Party voted in Kevin Rudd as Leader again. Julia Gillard was deposed from the position - she was ousted from the job.

You can read along with the transcript as she makes her resignation speech. Here is the video and transcript.

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