06 June 2013

Term 2 / Week 8 - 9: East West Tunnel - Arguments FOR the Tunnel

You will need to research both sides of the issue.

Here are some useful resources for understanding the arguments FOR the Tunnel.

Video: East West Link Project Overview animation

More videos are available at the Youtube channel linkingmelb.

The Benefits of the East West Tunnel Link

From the Linking Melbourne Authority website, the eastern section of the East West Link would:
  • Complete the missing link between the Eastern and Tullamarine Freeways to relieve pressure on the Monash-West Gate corridor and transform travel around Melbourne
  • Improve freight efficiency and connections for major industries in Melbourne’s north, east and south east to the Port of Melbourne and international airports
  • Cater for the large volume of traffic already using disconnected roads along the east west corridor north of the CBD between the Eastern and Tullamarine Freeways
  • Ease the major congestion bottlenecks on the Eastern Freeway at Hoddle Street
  • Help to improve community amenity and on-road public transport (buses and trams) by taking cars and trucks off congested inner-city surface roads. North south tram and bus services currently compete for road space with east west traffic on Alexandra Parade. This severely limits the frequency and reliability of tram and bus services and on-road cycling due to the time given to east west traffic flows.
 What do you think about these arguments FOR the Tunnel?

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