15 July 2014

Term 3: Being Connected - our Learning Places

Welcome to Term 3 in ESL3

It's awhile since I posted here at the Class Blog so it's a good time to review our Learning Places on the internet to get ready for our term Topic: Being Connected.

Our Learning Places

ESL Three Class Blog

  • is a starting point for all other places (see the links to those places in the Sidebar on the Right?)
  • explains whole term activities
  • is for catching up on missed work and doing extra work
  • will direct readers to the latest posts in our Class Record
  • is PUBLIC
Are you having trouble locating this blog by searching for: ESL3 at CNLC? Then you can type the QUICK link into the Address Bar in your browser: bit.ly/eslthree 

ESL Three Class Record

  • is a Google Presentation
  • has a slide or two for each class session, for example, see Slide 17, the work I sent to you on 22 June
  • has some links to other places on the internet to practice English
  • can be downloaded and slides can be photocopied quite easily
  • is PUBLIC
You can view the Class Record using the link here or in our ESL3 Page in CNLCTalks wiki.


  • has many Pages of news, events, and resources for all CNLC students' learning
  • most Pages are PUBLIC
  • our ESL3 Page at the Wiki is PRIVATE - you need to sign IN with our students' Username and Password (don't try to sign UP)
  • our Page at the Wiki will have protected material and personal photos

ESL Three Kidblog

  • this is THE place where you can post your work!
  • you can also comment on other students' work
  • I moderate it - which means that ALL posts and comments go to ME to check before publishing - I check for suitability and correct errors that might make it hard for the reader to understand the language but I won't correct all errors
  • at the moment it is PUBLIC 
  • I will add you as a User so you can post: each time you post or comment you will need to sign in with your Username and simple Password 
  • you can type bit.ly/esl3kidblog directly into the Address Bar of your browser to go to the Kidblog. 

Extend Yourself

Check the latest blog post at Kidblog here.

Getting started with Kidblog: here are notes and a Presentation to help you get started.

    Are you exhausted yet?

    But wait! There's MORE.

    Our Facebook Group - Jill's ESL at CNLC

    If you have a Facebook account, you can JOIN our Group - this is a great place for discussions and it's PRIVATE. Just let me know, and I'll Add you to our Group.

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