15 July 2014

Term 3, Weeks 1 - 4: Giving instructions - making pastry

During the next few weeks you are going to prepare two presentations that instruct someone (or a group of people) in how to complete a task. Some examples of tasks are:
  • preparing a dish
  • learning an exercise or dance
  • operating a machine or device (your mobile phone, an office machine...)
On the first day, Jill demonstrated how to make pastry and prepare to bake a Tart. Here is the Recipe.

After the demonstration we looked at some of the language features of instructional language.

And here are some photos. Can you write an instruction to go with each photo?

The video of the final task - decorating the tart with strips of pastry - is on the Giving Instructions Page in the CNLCTalks wiki.

Thanks to Almaz and Da for photos and video.

What was the end product?!

The heat of the oven was difficult to control. So I had to turn it up and I nearly burnt the sides and the bottom whilst the top was lightly brown. Of course, the tart tasted delicious. And students may get to taste another one in the next few days.

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