10 August 2014

Term 3 topic: Being Connected

This term we will connect with each other for learning outside of class hours via SMS or WeChat (on internet connected mobile phone or tablet) or email, and with other classes via our Kidblog.

Connecting via SMS text message or WeChat and email

If you have an internet ready mobile or an ipad/ tablet, please download WeChat so I can add you to our Group chat.

I will post no more than one or two chat items each week and I look forward to your participation in the chats. OR you can reply to my text messages about class work.

I would like you to let me know when you have received and read my email (no more than one per week.)

Connecting on our ESL3 at CNLC Kidblog

I would like you to post at least three times at Kidblog. You can do this anywhere as long as you remember your Username and your simple password because our Kidblog is closed at the moment.

Please write the following posts:

  1. Some instructions for using a mobile phone feature, like how to delete text messages or how to put a photo on your Wallpaper.
  2. A news story from a local newspaper or Council newsletter - write main ideas and give your opinion about it
  3. A new technology or skill that you have learned to use recently that helps you get connected either for learning (WeChat / Kidblog) or for another part of your life, like lodging your Centrelink form or filling out a form online to apply for something.

Please reply to at least 3 blog posts by other students to:

  • give them feedback on their work, and 
  • give your opinion about the subject.
Here is the news story about volunteering in the Companion Animal Support Program. You can write a post about this program - main ideas and what you think about it. We will practice some job interviews for this position too.

From the City of Yarra August Newsletter

Do you need help with starting to use Kidblog?

Have you got an iphone or iPad?

You can download the Kidblog app at the iTunes App store on your mobile iphone or iPad. You will find this very easy to use to access and use the Students' kidblog.

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