05 October 2014

Writing about YOUR LEARNING in Term 4

This term we will reflect on learning in a structured way. This means you will write about what you learnt during the week, including:

  1. how you participated in class;
  2. what you did outside class to practise your English;
  3. What you learnt that was most useful to you and why;
  4. what you need more help with; and
  5. what feedback you would like from your teacher.
I would like you to write at least four times in Term 4 about these aspects of your learning.

You can write these reports in your Learning Journal or on the document 'Structured Writing about learning' and then share them in posts at your Kidblog page.

Here is a sample Learning Journal 'post'.

SAMPLE: writing about my learning this week
Here is the document 'Structured Writing about Learning' to help you keep track of your weekly activities.

Binomials and Trinomials

We're looking at those two and three word phrases that are worth learning - like husband and wife (or man and wife in wedding ceremonies), and sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. (In fact, Rock and Roll is a binomial in itself.) 

Make sure you learn the correct order as well. (You can't say: drugs, rock 'n' roll and sex...)

More examples and a short explanation can be found here. Can you find any other websites with trinomials?

Review of Prepositions following adjectives

Here's a review of prepositions which follow adjectives: as with the first Prepositions Review slideshow, you can test yourself by reading the sentences out loud and choosing a preposition to fill the gap.

Then press Enter to move to the next slide to check your work. Read the sentence again with the correct preposition.


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