14 February 2013

Emailing and Mousing

Email skills we practised this week:

  • signing IN to your email account;
  • checking for new emails in your INBOX;
  • adding a New Contact from those that you can see in an email;
  • replying to an email.

Mousing Revision: the Clicky mouse Game 

Do you want to practise again? We found the link on the CNLC Talks wiki Learning on the WEB Page:  the game is at Webwise: Computer Basics - Clicky Mouse Game. It's quite hard isn't it?

What were the rules, again?
Green ball shape: single click
Yellow cube shape: double click
Red triangular shape: draw circle around it

Extend yourself - View an 'old but still good' video 

Video  - YAHOO email (Part 1)

The following video shows how to:
  • move the Reading Pane away;
  • change your Availability Status (for Chat) to Invisible;
  • move the Applications away;
  • use TABS for multi-tasking (moving between them and closing them);
  • View an email;
  • Add a Contact to your List of Contacts.
Has the YAHOO screen changed since Jill made this video??

Video  - YAHOO email (Part 2)

The video covers:
  •     opening your Yahoo email,
  •     changing the 'look' of your Inbox,
  •     sorting emails by most recently received or by senders' names,
  •     replying to an email,
  •     sending an email that was saved to your Drafts folder.
The video is quite long so grab a cup of tea and click pause if you need a break;-)

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