11 February 2013

Welcome to ESL Three - the blog for our class at CNLC

This blog is a record of our work in both ESL 3 and Computer Group 3 at CNLC.

It will be useful for reviewing your learning and catching up on things you might have missed if you were away from class. It is open to the public and may be of wider interest to other students of English.

We will include all important links to other places on the internet as well as some of our worksheets and learning materials.

We will also try to put extra work here that wasn't covered in class for those who wish to extend their online learning.

The blog replaces the ESL 3 Learning Record that we had in 2012 as a Google Presentation. You can still visit that Learning Record - we won't update it and it will be useful for awhile yet.

Don't forget to check in regularly at our CNLCTalks students' wiki too:  we will continue to put important events there on the HOME page.

Souvenirs from the classroom

We will include some souvenirs from the classroom. Here is an example.

Did you take away these new phrases so that you can learn them and re-use them in your speaking and writing?

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