12 February 2013

Week 1: Holidays and prepositions

This week we used a lot of nouns describing camping equipment, plants, animals and land features. Did you write these things in your notebook?

We listened to Jill's narrative of her holiday and viewed her photos.

Dictation: Jill's camping trip to East Gippsland

Here is the dictation we did to recycle the camping holiday words. It features some prepositions. Listen to the recording three times. You can pause it at any time to write as much as you can of what you hear. Leave a space for any word that you don't understand and try to spell words as well as you can.

Here is the text for the dictation - but don't look until you're absolutely sure you can't do any more!

Grammar corner - extend yourself

Using 'would' for the habitual past  

We practised using 'would' to describe things that you did regularly in the past. It does the same job as 'used to'. Here are some activities to practise using 'would' for habitual past. You can test yourself with the Quiz after watching the video. 

Video: English Grammar – “Would” in the past · engVid

Prepositions: choosing the correct one

At English Current there are five groups of exercises to practise choosing the correct preposition to fill the gaps in the following sentences. 

Would you like to print out the sentences and write your prepositions instead? Here is the document.


Are you bored or boring?

Here at 5 Minute English is a really easy-to-understand explanation.

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