30 May 2013

Term 2 / week 7 - 8: East West Tunnel - Arguments Against

  • What do you know about the recent State government decision to build an East West Road Tunnel Link?  
  • What is your opinion?

Yarra Campaign: Trains not Tolls

City of Yarra is supporting the community campaign against building the East West Tunnel Toll road.

Researching the Arguments AGAINST the Tunnel

Video from our protest 12 June 2012

Guest speaker, Adam Bandt, is the Federal Member for Melbourne in the Australian Parliament. Listen to his speech. What is Adam Bandt's view of the East West Tunnel?

Community protest at East West Link geotesting site, June 2012 from Carlton NLC on Vimeo.

Speech in Parliament about the East West Tunnel

In May this year, Adam Bandt gave his opinion about the East West Tunnel proposal to the Federal Parliament. He says:
'Building more roads to relieve traffic congestion is like loosening your belt to cure obesity.'

Practice with Prepositions Part 2

Here's a review of prepositions which follow adjectives: as with the first Prepositions Review slideshow, you can test yourself by reading the sentences out loud and choosing a preposition to fill the gap.

Then press Enter to move to the next slide to check your work. Read the sentence again with the correct preposition.


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