21 May 2013

Make a Powerpoint presentation 2: more practice with photos and formatting text

Have you seen our first Slideshow which includes all the students' work from Week 5? You all did a great job and your work all looks good together.

This week we are going to put more images into Powerpoint slides and practice changing the format and layout of all three parts of your slide: Title, Caption and Image. Have a look at the Slide I prepared for you as a sample.

Jill's sample: image on the LEFT this time.
For this practice, I would like you to use images that are high resolution: either downloaded from your phone or camera (or from USB stick) or the ones in our shared folder.


  • Find and open the Presentation you started last week.
  • Change Layout of your New Slide to get ready to insert your image on the LEFT side.
  • Insert and resize your image.
  • Draft and type your Caption text - answering the three questions (you can see above). Get some teacher feedback on your writing.
  • Change the Format of your Caption and your Title to fill the space nicely.
  • Save your Presentation over the original one you did last week.

New skill: compress your photo/ slide show (to email to someone)


Photos that you downloaded from the internet will be quite small: 50-100 Kbs (kilobytes). However, photos from your camera or mobile phone will be much bigger: 1-3Mbs (megabytes) - that's about 1000 to 3000 Kbs. And your family and friends won't like you emailing them something as big as that.

If you want to email (or publish to the internet) your photo image or your Powerpoint presentation, you will need to compress the images (make them smaller). We can do this now (before you insert your image into a slide) OR after you have made your Slideshow presentation.

Here is a useful video that shows you how to Compress Pictures in your Powerpoint presentation.

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