14 May 2013

Make a Powerpoint presentation: is graffiti art or vandalism?

While we are looking at different examples of Graffiti, it is a good opportunity to search for some photos of graffiti on the internet, save them to your Photos sub-folder and make a presentation to share with the class.

If you have taken some photos on the streets in your neighbourhood, you can also use them. You'll have to save them to your Photos sub-folder in your Folder on the Students' Drive first.

Slideshow: Examples of Graffiti in Melbourne 

I put all your slides into one presentation for people to browse. Now that you can change the size of text boxes and text, you can change the layout of each slide. Have you taken any photos yet? These photos will be a higher resolution than the ones you found on the internet. And they will look richer when you put them into your slide show. - JK: 17 May, 2013


  • Pin the Powerpoint program (app) to your Taskbar: this is a good idea because it's a lot quicker than finding it in the Start Menu each time you want to open it.
  • Open a New Presentation and type the Name of your Presentation: Is Graffiti street art or vandalism? OR Some examples of Graffiti
  • Insert New Slide - and choose the Layout: Content and Captions - see the examples below.
  • You can type your title and text, and insert your photo.
  • You might need to change the size of the Title and Text boxes, and even the photo too.
  • Have I forgotten any skills???

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