09 May 2013

Term 2 / weeks 4 - 5: Graffiti - is it art or vandalism?

Have a look at the following slide show. For each photo, think about the following questions:
  • What can you see? Describe the image.
  • What is the context (location)?
  • Does the art/ graffiti have any useful role or public benefit?

Write a Discussion text to persuade the readers to agree with your point of view.


Preparing to write a Discussion

Collect some photos of graffiti that you love (or hate) and share them with others in the class. 

Ask your friends and family for their views on graffiti.

Find out the local Council's policy on graffiti - the Department of Housing's policy on graffiti.
Do these organisations (or other organisations) have any effective strategies to prevent graffiti or remove graffiti?


Useful links

More images of Street art in Melbourne

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